List of publications


  1. Rigon, T., Durante, D. and Torelli, N. (2018). Bayesian semiparametric modelling of contraceptive behavior in India via sequential logistic regressions, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A, in press. [Link]

Under review

  1. Durante, D. and Rigon, T. (2017). A note on quadratic approximations of logistic log-likelihoods, arXiv:1711.06999
  2. Durante, D., Canale, A. and Rigon, T. (2017). A nested expectation-maximization algorithm for latent class models with covariates, arXiv:1705.03864.
  3. Rigon, T. and Durante, D., (2017), Tractable Bayesian density regression via logit stick-breaking priors, arXiv:1701.02969.