Articles in refereed journals

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Submitted and working papers

  1. Rigon, T. and Durante, D., (2019+), Tractable Bayesian density regression via logit stick-breaking priors, arXiv:1701.02969. Under review. [ArXiv] [GitHub Repository].

  2. Lijoi, A., Prünster, I. and Rigon, T. (2019+). Sampling hierarchies of discrete random structures. Submitted.

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Refereed conference proceedings, publications in monographs

  1. Rigon, T. (2018). Logit stick-breaking priors for partially exchangeable count data. In Book of Short Papers SIS 2018 (Abbruzzo, A., Piacentino, D., Chiodi, M., and Brentari, E., editors). ISBN: 9788891910233. [Link].
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