Tommaso Rigon

Research Associate at Duke University

About Me

I am a Research Associate in Statistics at the department of Statistical Science of Duke University. I currently live in Durham, a city in North Carolina, USA.

My complete curriculum vitae is available at this link. For more information about myself, you can also visit my GitHub and Google scholar profiles.

I am interested in Bayesian methods for the analysis of complex data, covering the theoretical, applicative, and computational aspects. I try to balance these three macro-areas in my research.

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Academic Positions

Duke University

Research Associate

2019 - present

Department of Statistical Science, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, USA

I am a Research associate at Duke university working with prof. Amy Herring and prof. David Dunson. My current research focuses on Bayesian methods for robust clustering, dimensionality reduction and biostatistical applications.

Collegio Carlo Alberto

Research Affiliate

2017 - 2019

Fondazione "de Castro" and Collegio Carlo Alberto, Turin, Italy

I am a Research affiliate at the Statistics initiative, Fondazione “de Castro” and Collegio Carlo Alberto.


Bocconi University

Ph.D. in Statistical Sciences

2015 - 2020

Bocconi University, Milan, Italy

I have been awarded a merit based 4-year fellowship. I worked under the joint supervision of prof. Antonio Lijoi and prof. Igor Prünster. Thesis title: Finite-dimensional nonparametric priors: theory and applications. Ph.D. awarded with honors.

Università degli studi di Padova

M.S. in Statistical Sciences

2013 - 2015

Università degli studi di Padova, Padua, Italy

Final mark: 110/110 with laude. Advisor: Bruno Scarpa. Thesis title: Functional telecommunication data: a Bayesian nonparametric approach. I attended with honors the PhD courses: Theory and Methods of Inference, Statistical Models.

Università degli studi di Padova

B.S. in Statistics, Economics & Finance

2010 - 2013

Università degli studi di Padova, Padua, Italy

Final mark: 110/110 with laude. Advisor: Nicola Sartori. Thesis title: Box-Cox transformation: an analysis based on the likelihood.


Academic awards

  • Best Ph.D. student in Statistics at Bocconi University in the Academic Year 2016/2017 (09/2017)

Data competitions

Travel supports

  • Travel support (400£) for O’Bayes 2019 conference, Warwick, UK (06/2019)
  • Travel support (accommodation) for the BNP12 conference, Oxford, UK (06/2019)
  • ISBA travel support (250$) for ISBA 2018 world meeting, Edinburgh, UK (06/2018)
  • ISBA travel support (700$) for the O’Bayes 2017 conference, Austin, Texas (12/2017)


Articles in refereed journals

  1. Lijoi, A., Prünster, I. and Rigon, T. (2020). The Pitman–Yor multinomial process for mixture modeling. Biometrika. In press. [Link]

  2. Durante, D. and Rigon, T. (2019). Conditionally conjugate mean-field variational Bayes for logistic models, Statistical Science. 34(3), 472–485. [Link] [GitHub Repository].

  3. Rigon, T., Durante, D. and Torelli, N. (2019). Bayesian semiparametric modelling of contraceptive behavior in India via sequential logistic regressions, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A 182(1), 225–247. [Link] [GitHub Repository].

  4. Durante, D., Canale, A. and Rigon, T. (2019). A nested expectation-maximization algorithm for latent class models with covariates, Statistics and Probability Letters 146, 97–103. [Link] [GitHub Repository].

Submitted and working papers

  1. Rigon, T. and Durante, D., (2020+), Tractable Bayesian density regression via logit stick-breaking priors, arXiv:1701.02969. Revision submitted. [ArXiv] [GitHub Repository].

  2. Lijoi, A., Prünster, I. and Rigon, T. (2020+). Sampling hierarchies of discrete random structures. Revision submitted.

  3. Rigon, T. (2020+). An enriched mixture model for functional clustering. Submitted. [ArXiv].

  4. Lijoi, A., Prünster, I. and Rigon, T. (2020+). Finite-dimensional discrete random structures and Bayesian clustering. Submitted. [Link]

Refereed conference proceedings, publications in monographs, discussions

  1. Aliverti, E., Paganin, S., Rigon, T. and Russo, M. (2020+). A discussion on: ``Latent nested nonparametric priors’’ by Camerlenghi, F., Dunson, D.B., Lijoi, A., Prünster, I. and Rodriguez, A. in Bayesian Analysis (In press).

  2. Rigon, T. (2018). Logit stick-breaking priors for partially exchangeable count data. In Book of Short Papers SIS 2018 (Abbruzzo, A., Piacentino, D., Chiodi, M., and Brentari, E., editors). ISBN: 9788891910233. [Link].

  3. Caponera, A., Denti, F., Rigon, T., Sottosanti, A. and Gelfand, A. (2018). Hierarchical Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Resting State fMRI Data. In Studies in Neural Data Science (Canale, A., Durante, D., Paci, L., Scarpa, B., editors). [Link] [GitHub Repository].

Talks and conferences

Invited speaker

  1. 2020-03-19. ABC in Grenoble. Grenoble, France.

  2. 2020-01-10. Bayes Comp 2020. Gainesville, Florida, US.

  3. 2019-12-28. The IISA International Conference on Statistics. Mumbai, India.

  4. 2019-12-16. CMS Statistics 2019 (ERCIM 2019). London, UK.

  5. 2018-12-15. CMS Statistics 2018 (ERCIM 2018). Pisa, Italy.

  6. 2018-08-02. JSM 2018: Joint Statistical Meetings. Vancouver, Canada.

  7. 2018-06-20. SIS 2018: 49th Scientific meeting of the Italian Statistical Society. University of Palermo. Palermo, Italy.

  8. 2017-12-27. IISA 2017 Annual Conference. Hyderabad, India.

Contributed speaker

  1. 2019-06-25. 12th International Conference on Bayesian Nonparametrics. University of Oxford. Oxford, UK.

  2. 2018-07-02. BAYSM 2018: Bayesian Young Statisticians Meeting. University of Warwick. Warwick, UK.

  3. 2018-03-07. YES IX: Scalable Statistics: on Accuracy and Computational Complexity. Eurandom, Metaforum. Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Poster sessions

  1. 2019-06-30. O’Bayes 2019. University of Warwick. Warwick, UK.

  2. 2018-06-26. 2018 ISBA World meeting. University of Edinburgh. Edinburgh, UK.

  3. 2017-12-11. O’Bayes 2017. University of Texas, Austin. Austin, Texas.

  4. 2017-06-10. Bayesian Inference in Stochastic Processes, BISP 10. Bocconi University. Milan, Italy.

  5. 2017-02-01. SIS Bayes 2017. Sapienza University. Rome, Italy.

  6. 2016-06-10. International Society for Bayesian Analysis, ISBA 2016. Cagliari University. Cagliari, Italy.

Events and summer schools

  1. 2018-06-19. Stat under the stars 4. Palermo, Italy.

  2. 2017-07. Bocconi Summer School in Advanced Statistics and Probability. Bocconi University. Como, Italy.

  3. 2017-06. StartUp Research. Certosa di Pontignano, Italy.

  4. 2017-06-30. Bayesian nonparametric, BNP 2017. CEREMADE, Université Paris Dauphine. Paris, France.

Industry Experience


Intern in Computational SEM

September 2014 - November 2014

Groupon, Dublin, Ireland

I worked in the development of projects concerning: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Landing Page Optimization (LPO).


Customer satisfaction analyst

October 2013 - July 2013


May 2013 - October 2013

Bravofly, Chiasso, Switzerland

Business analyst with a part-time contract. I improved existing reports implementing statistical analysis and A-B testing procedures. During the internship, I followed two distinct projects: customer satisfaction analysis and attribution modeling for web analytics.

Service to profession

Referee service (alphabetical order)

Annals of Statistics; Bayesian Analysis; Computational Statistics & Data Analysis; Electronic Journal of Statistics; European Journal of Operational Research; IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems; Journal of Computational & Graphical Statistics; Journal of the American Statistical Association; Statistical Methods & Applications; Social Indicators Research; Statistics & Probability Letters

Positions in Academic Societies

  • Elected member of the board (2016-2018) of the young group (ySIS) of the Italian Statistical Society

Organization of Scientific Events